For the Dancing and the Dreaming – How to Train your Dragon 2


This is the song that Valka and Stoick sing in How To Train Your Dragon 2
Song written by: John Powell
Performed by: Gerard Butler, and Cate Blanchett

Pictures are screenshots from the movie I found on google images
Hey Guys just a side note; please do not reveal spoilers in the comments! I’ve already seen it and know and cried my eyes out, but let’s not ruin it for some people okay? Please and thank you :3.tumblr_n7bgfvYQRK1rmr071o3_500

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The concept art is split between designs for the characters, dragons, environment and props.  

【Reviews】The Art of How to Train Your Dragon2

For those who still hadn’t quite figured out how to train their dragons by the end of 2010′s animated instructional video How to Train Your Dragon, help is at hand with the upcoming sequel How to Train Your Dragon 2. Picking up five years after Hiccup, the heir to the throne of Berk, created peace between humans and dragons in his village, the sequel follows the further adventures of Hiccup as he and Toothless take to the air and go exploring. Continue Reading →


Scott Peterson Talks ”Dragon 2′ VFX at FMX

Dragon 2

The FMX 2014 conference in Stuttgart on film, games, and transmedia kicked off Tuesday morning with “Advancing Visual Effects in How To Train Your Dragon 2,” revealing how both Hiccup and DreamWorks have grown up. Scott Peterson, the co-head of VFX at the animation studio, screened the first five minutes (first previewed at WonderCon – embed below) and then offered detailed breakdowns of new and significant high-res simulations. Continue Reading →

How To Train Your Dragon 2″ Official Featurette Gerard Butler

It’s been five years since Hiccup and Toothless successfully united dragons and vikings on the island of Berk.

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【Reviews】The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 1

Inside the book are more than 350 development artwork, including early character designs, story sketches, and concept paintings. The books is divided into three parts, the dragons, vikings and the environment with stuff like props and houses. Discarded art and characters are also included, like Hiccup’s mother – who can cook a mean dish with dragon meat. Accompanying the art are plenty of interesting quotes and commentary from the production staff. Continue Reading →

【SHARE】The Art of Dreamworks Animation

The Art of DreamWorks Animation marks the studio’s twentieth anniversary and pays homage to the animators who brought iconic characters like Shrek and Po to life. Brimming with concept art, pre-production designs and character sketches, the book celebrates the art of animation and offers unprecedented behind-the-scenes access into the DreamWorks Animation archive. Essays by DreamWorks visionaries such as Spielberg and Katzenberg provide insider perspectives on the studio’s most popular films, as does running commentary from artists and directors on all of DreamWorks thirty projects to date. Continue Reading →

【Reviews】The Art of Rise of the Guardians (The Art of Dreamworks)

Personally, I am very picky about art books. I prefer a balance of both early sketches, paintings, character tds, and digital manips which this art book succeeded on all fronts. It’s filled with beautiful, unique designs making it surpass both the Tangled and the How to Train Your Dragon I own (which were originally my personal favorites out of my collection). Continue Reading →