Realistic !! Art for a live action Pokemon movie

Monday Pocket Monster Spotlight: Pokemon
Imagine if these beautiful images by Dane Cozens were concept art for a live action Pokemon movie. Would you be for it, or against it? Continue Reading →

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After ME!ME!ME! 20 2LDK

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CosmoAnimato – Since Damon Wayans Jr. was casted as Wasabi, I…art-true-face|Big Hero 6

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Concept Art From Classic Disney Movies|50 Beautiful Pieces

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Concept pieces by Gustaf Tenggren.


These animated films didn’t become masterpieces out of thin air; some of the paintings and illustrations created to inspire the creative direction of the early Disney classics are truly fine works of art in and of themselves. Mary Blair was an especially gifted illustrator whose work for Disney dictated the look of some of their most beloved classics.

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【Reviews】Urban Watercolor Sketching A Guide to Drawing

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book but I am so impressed by it. Easy to understand. Fun to read. Nice illustrations as examples.
Urban Watercolor Sketching  A Guide to Drawing, Painting, and Storytelling in Color 4
Each two-page spread in this book is dedicated to a single subject and has text accompanied by watercolor sketches to get the idea across. Continue Reading →

The meme started as a fifteen frame Flash animation loop showing Mai and Mii, characters of the Japanese visual novel Popotan doing a hip swing dance with their hands over their heads to imitate rabbit ears, and the chorus of the sped up version of the song "Caramelldansen" sung by Malin and Katia from Swedish music group Caramell. The sped up version of the song is now known as "Caramelldansen (SpeedyCake Remix)

Hiccup Toothless and Astrid Great Dance and Cute |Caramelldansen

Hiccup Toothless and Astrid Great Dance and Cute Popotan first appeared as a Japanese PC game on December 12, 2002. After the anime was aired from July 17 to October 2, 2003, short GIF animations clips were created from the opening of the game and posted on the internet.[1] It was not long before parts from the introduction of the PC game were captured too. Caramelldansen is also known as the “Uma uma dance” (ウマウマダンス?) in Japan

As the Caramelldansen video gained popularity, it became a meme. Artists and fans started to copy the animation and include other characters performing the dance. Its boom began at the end of 2007 in Japan (known as the “Uma uma Boom”) where an explosion of different Caramelldansen iterations appeared in the Japanese video-sharing site Nico Nico Douga.[3] The meme soon after spread to YouTube and became a global phenomena. By 2008, one critic derided YouTube as a chasm filled with “endless versions of ‘Caramelldansen
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