amazing!”Star Wars 7 Girls”

Concept Art Star Wars Girls 7
“Star Wars Girls”by Paris, France-based Wotjek Fus

Star Wars Saga lacks strong and captivating female characters.
Star Wars Girls 7Concept Art  gStar Wars Girls 7Concept Art  7

Star Wars Girls 7Concept Art

Concept Art Star Wars Girls 7jpg

Concept Art Star Wars Girls

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The game includes the following: Game Cartridge, Art book, Game Sound Track, Deck of Cards, Instruction Manual. and Nintendo Club Registration Code for the game. That’s it. Continue Reading →


flash metal painted Henna Body Art Tattoo

Metal tattoo stickers4
gold tattoo body art diy sex necklace bracelets tatoo stickers temporary tattoo women flash metalic gold silver tattoo tatouage
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Dono|Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki

Vimeo user “dono” has posted his video tribute (found via One Perfect Shot) that looks back at many of the characters and movies that Miyazaki has brought us.
Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki
Music by Joe Hisaishi
Made with Blender, Gimp, Octane and Natron.
Thanks to Blackschmoll, Boby, Christophe, Clouclou, Cremuss, David, Félicia, Frenchman, Sozap, Stéphane, Virgil !
And Thanks to Ton Roosendaal, the Blender community, the developers of Blender, Gimp and Natron !
dono 2015

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Disney animator Glen Keane|Nephtali- Opéra national de Paris

The legendary Disney animator Glen Keane, who invented characters such as Ariel, Tarzan, Pocahontas and the Beast, perfectly remembers his first encounter with the Paris Opera : as he was sitting in a nearby café, he could not stop drawing “the most beautiful building I had ever laid eyes on”. Dancing has always inspired his art which circles around the creation of movement, and he was excited to lift the curtain and enter a world which seemed even more magical than the performances on stage. Continue Reading →


Realistic !! Art for a live action Pokemon movie

Monday Pocket Monster Spotlight: Pokemon
Imagine if these beautiful images by Dane Cozens were concept art for a live action Pokemon movie. Would you be for it, or against it? Continue Reading →

This Superhero illustration tell same story

Family is important. I know that cherishing and respecting my family is the biggest thing in my life – this is why Andry Shango’s pictures touched me.
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