【Reviews】The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Chronicles: Art & Design


he Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Chronicles: Art & Design

Here are the chapters included:

1. Fire & Water – Smaug and the burning of Lake-Town
2. Dungeons Deep – Haunted fortress of Dol Guldur, Lair of the Necromancer
3. Caverns Old – Erebor, Kingdom of the Dwarves
4. Dale – Defence and Ruin of Dale
5. Fleet-footed Elves – Character design for the elves
6. Grim Dwarves in Shining Maille – Dwarves of Erebor and The Iron Hills
7. Foul Things – Orcs
8. Taking Ravenhill – Battle amid the Dwarven Ruins
9. There & Back Again – A Hobbit Goes Home
10. Collectible Art – Merchandise Continue Reading →

【Reviews】Urban Watercolor Sketching A Guide to Drawing

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book but I am so impressed by it. Easy to understand. Fun to read. Nice illustrations as examples.
Urban Watercolor Sketching  A Guide to Drawing, Painting, and Storytelling in Color 4
Each two-page spread in this book is dedicated to a single subject and has text accompanied by watercolor sketches to get the idea across. Continue Reading →

The concept art is split between designs for the characters, dragons, environment and props.  

【Reviews】The Art of How to Train Your Dragon2

For those who still hadn’t quite figured out how to train their dragons by the end of 2010′s animated instructional video How to Train Your Dragon, help is at hand with the upcoming sequel How to Train Your Dragon 2. Picking up five years after Hiccup, the heir to the throne of Berk, created peace between humans and dragons in his village, the sequel follows the further adventures of Hiccup as he and Toothless take to the air and go exploring. Continue Reading →

【Reviews】The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 1

Inside the book are more than 350 development artwork, including early character designs, story sketches, and concept paintings. The books is divided into three parts, the dragons, vikings and the environment with stuff like props and houses. Discarded art and characters are also included, like Hiccup’s mother – who can cook a mean dish with dragon meat. Accompanying the art are plenty of interesting quotes and commentary from the production staff. Continue Reading →


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【Reviews】The Art of Rise of the Guardians (The Art of Dreamworks)

Personally, I am very picky about art books. I prefer a balance of both early sketches, paintings, character tds, and digital manips which this art book succeeded on all fronts. It’s filled with beautiful, unique designs making it surpass both the Tangled and the How to Train Your Dragon I own (which were originally my personal favorites out of my collection). Continue Reading →

【Reviews】open Game of Thrones A Pop Up Guide to Westeros

I just finished thoroughly reading all the pull-out’s and information provided about the world of Westeros–one word, “wonderful!” For those who don’t realize it, it is a Pop-Up book, not a novel. While a lot of information is given, it will never be what a full book could provide, so if you’re looking for info. either go to the novel, itself, or a Game of Thrones Guide. Personally, I enjoyed–especially–the information provided about the various houses and some of the history of the land. I was impressed.

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【Reviews】The Art of Frozen


As someone who loves “the art of” books, this one is no exception. I absolutely loved the movie but also the art style. The animation gets better year after year and its really cool to see how it came to be. This book shows concept art, has notes from the directors and animators on why they made certain choices, and essentially all the drawing and sketches that made the movie what it is today. Like I said, I have many other “the art of” books, and I am very pleased to add this one to my collection.
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