【Reviews】The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Chronicles: Art & Design


he Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Chronicles: Art & Design

Here are the chapters included:

1. Fire & Water – Smaug and the burning of Lake-Town
2. Dungeons Deep – Haunted fortress of Dol Guldur, Lair of the Necromancer
3. Caverns Old – Erebor, Kingdom of the Dwarves
4. Dale – Defence and Ruin of Dale
5. Fleet-footed Elves – Character design for the elves
6. Grim Dwarves in Shining Maille – Dwarves of Erebor and The Iron Hills
7. Foul Things – Orcs
8. Taking Ravenhill – Battle amid the Dwarven Ruins
9. There & Back Again – A Hobbit Goes Home
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original concept art: water little dragon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daUbkKfIJUc Hiccup's Night Fury?Terrible Terror? http://beauty.hibarn.com/2014/04/27/%E3%80%90reviews%E3%80%91the-art-of-how-to-train-your-dragon-1/

train your little dragon2

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|animation|Frozen Deleted Scene 3 in one

the sequence was originally set to take place immediately before Elsa’s coronation and was intended to serve as a demonstration of Anna’s quirky personality.


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