what the Whole tongue !?SNL Andrew Garfield – Spiderman Kissing Scene

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Posted on February 22, 2015

That was one hot kiss from Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. NOT. Alright, so this awkward moment was all in the name of the Andrew’s first time as guest host on Saturday Night Live. The two on- and off-screen lovers were playing themselves as actors on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, being asked to act out the big ending scene with the super passionate kiss on the top of the Brooklyn Bridge — which again, turned out like this.

Then the director comes out to say that the kiss was a bit off, noting that they should do another one that’s a bit more natural, which resulted in this.


Oh and then the pair was directed to kiss more like they do in normal life — and the they start whispering to each other that they have no clue how normal people kiss, oh yes they’re freaky… obviously, Andrew and Emma have a whole lot more peculiar kissing techniques to share with us all. Here you go.
Cut together all moments.

And then walks out Chris Martin from Coldplay — who offers up giving it a try… and then he pulls Emma off stage. They put a wig on Chris and then he dips Andrew down for the scene.

Nice work SNL. The best part is watching the actors real-life reactions within the scenes. Andrew slightly snickering at Chris Martin calling him ‘you beautiful Spidery-Man’… and Emma reacting to Andrew’s chin kiss… Overall, it was awesome. Alright, so that’s a breakdown of one of our favorite sketches from this weekend’s SNL starring guest host Andrew Garfield — and I want to know which of these kisses was your favorite, or most uncomfortable, to watch. Post a comment below, and click right over here to see What’s Up With the Amazing Spider-Man 2. I’m Dana Ward and thanks so much for checking out ClevverNews. See you next time, bye!