The most clothed animated film-Frozen – Costume Design|ANNA and ELSA

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Posted on May 3, 2014

 When we watch  animated films about Princess , the specifically costumes we tend to identify characters by 1 or 2 signature costumes.Sleeping-beauty-disneyscreencaps.com-1992

Cinderella had her peasant dress and her magical ball gown.

though her ball gown was constantly shifting from pink to blue (or pink!)alice-in-wonderland-22

Alice has her iconic blue dress.Costume_11_test5
Well, no such beast was Frozen. While we definitely identified “Princess” costumes for our lead characters, the narrative required many, many more costume changes than what is typical for an animated film. Between the sheer number of costumes and the complexity of them (we’re talking layers of petticoats, pantaloons, tights, gloves, hats, etc) Frozen is probably the most clothed animated film of all time.draft_lens21283768module169090649photo_00334aa946c113d3b518b

Anna begins with a bright yellow palette, and she stays in the warm greens throughout the entire time she is growing up. When you meet her as an adult for the first time, she is back in that yellow – the same tenacious girl you met as a five year old.Costume_15


Elsa, changes rather drastically.  You meet her in her pale blue nightgown, and her palette gradually gets deeper and darker as she grows up and closes herself off from the world. Her sleeves get longer and she puts on gloves so that her skin is no longer exposed at all. Elsa_01

Even her hairstyles evolve to be more tight and binding.

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