【Reviews】open Game of Thrones A Pop Up Guide to Westeros

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Posted on March 25, 2014

I just finished thoroughly reading all the pull-out’s and information provided about the world of Westeros–one word, “wonderful!” For those who don’t realize it, it is a Pop-Up book, not a novel. While a lot of information is given, it will never be what a full book could provide, so if you’re looking for info. either go to the novel, itself, or a Game of Thrones Guide. Personally, I enjoyed–especially–the information provided about the various houses and some of the history of the land. I was impressed.

And then…the BIG reveal! The spine of the book unhinges and you can open up all the pages of the book into one huge pop-up. Yes, all of the pop-ups displayed at one time. The publishers have thoughtfully provided an insert sheet with a diagram and instructions as how to (carefully) open your book so you don’t damage it in handling. I’ve opened mine all the way up a couple of times, now, and if you follow the instructions, no damage results.
I am amazed at the size of some of the pop-ups. Some are quite large and oh, so very impressive! Even some of the more moderately sized pop-ups are beautiful. I loved the raven, dire wolf and dragon! “The Wall” had to be my favorite, though for its impressiveness, intricacy in detail and beauty. I have a rather sizeable collection of pop-up books (Sabuda and Reinhart are my favorite paper engineers), and I’ve seen many, many pop-ups. This is by far, the most impressive, most beautiful, and most well engineered book I have ever seen. But please remember, this book is not one that should be given to a child: First, because Game of Thrones is not a kids story, and second, because of the intricacies of the pop-ups, a child could easily damage the expensive book.

For those people who might receive a book damaged during shipping, I say, send it back and get it replaced. Authors/engineers who work to create a beautiful work, such as, Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros, do not deserve to be downgraded for something that happened to damage a book during shipping–the authors have no control over that. Give the packagers/shippers a bad mark, the authors deserve better. Care and love went into the creation of this pop-up book–you can see it just be reading and looking at this beautiful book. My book arrived in pristine condition and undamaged. Yes, you paid for it and you deserve to get an undamaged book, but if it arrives damaged, use some sense–SEND IT BACK and request an undamaged book. The authors shouldn’t be penalized by knocking of 1 1/2 stars.
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Finally, to all Game of Thrones fans, I think you will be favorably impressed by the quality of this book. Read it, open it, enjoy it. One person seeing the book opened up all the way told me that they could see fans of the series watching it on tv/dvd, snacking on Westeros food, and the pop-up book opened up all the way on a nearby table. Sounds like fun to me. I’ll come.

By the way…take a look at the “Related Media” at the bottom of the book’s page. Watch the video. I think you could get a good idea from looking at that. My best to you all. I hope you all enjoy your new pop-up book.